The journey towards a permanent home for Abacus Belsize Primary School


After more than six years serving the children and families of Belsize, Abacus Belsize Primary School has now seen its founding families settling into Year 6 and the school has welcomed a new Reception class entirely from within its catchment area*. We are now awaiting determination of our planning application to create a permanent home close to our community and, after many years of searching, we’re certain that the former Hampstead Police Station on Rosslyn Hill is not only an ideal location, but also the only suitable site available.


Having worked closely with Camden Council’s planning and conservation departments for two years, together with other agencies including Historic England, and following extensive consultation, we were are very pleased to report that all the proposals are recommended for approval by the Planning Committee on 14 December 2019.

After our long search for a permanent home for this outstanding school, we sincerely hope that Councillors will finally be able to permit the application and allow Abacus to continue to serve its local community.

Matters of fact

Some people still suggest Abacus isn’t needed or talk as if it won’t even exist until it moves to Rosslyn Hill. In fact it is fully-established, successful and popular. When it moves to Rosslyn Hill will be full of children from the catchment it was established to serve. At this crucial time for the school, we want to make sure everyone has the facts they need to offer us their support and good will.


We've been making regular updates to provide you with convenient access to the up-to-date information you need.


You can find all the community briefings, key facts and news here, photos and videos here, but do come back regularly to see what's new.

Latest updates: 
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Children's letters to councillors

Each year group has written an open letter to all councillors, in their own words, to let them know how they feel about their 'outstanding' school ... 

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An ideal permanent home

All you need to know about our proposals for our permanent home, our sympathetic approach to conservation and the positive impact on the local environment.

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The Planning Decision

As we await determination of our planning application we are very pleased to report that all our proposals are recommended for approval by the Planning Committee.


Transport, travel and Abacus Belsize

Traffic and transport studies make clear that our ‘walk to school’ ethos and car-free policy will produce considerably less traffic than the building used to produce as a police station and magistrates’ court.

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Community support for Abacus Belsize Primary

We passionately want to see the outstanding educational opportunities Abacus offers brought closer to the community we were established to serve.

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Meeting the Belsize need for primary education 

Abacus Belsize is now fully established, oversubscribed, fully part of Camden’s pupil place plans, and successfully meeting a substantial local need that will continue for the foreseeable future.


We want to bring our outstanding opportunities closer to the area we were established to serve and breathe fresh life into the disused Hampstead Police Station. We’ve given the whole community an opportunity to contribute to the evolution of our proposals. We're confident that those as yet unconvinced will find their fears misplaced once the school is established at Rosslyn Hill. We trust that good planning judgement and compassion will now enable us to establish a permanent home and realise the considerable wider benefits of our proposals for the community and local economy.

You can learn more about the proposals for our new permanent home here.


We look forward to everyone’s good will and support.

*Of the 120 children who started their education at Abacus in 2017, 2018, 2019 and again those in this year’s intake, all are from our Belsize catchment area with the exception of a small number of siblings of children already at the school.