Importantly, the first thing we can tell you is that, apart from sprucing it up, this view of the existing building will not change. All the original features, all the entrances and windows, the roof and brickwork will remain just as it has been for the past 100 years.

We are however making one concession to the 21st Century. We plan to bring the original steps up to the main entrance forward and introduce a ramp behind the front railings to give wheelchair access through the front door.


The police made a great many changes to the internal layout and uses of the building as their needs evolved over 100 years. However, important feature staircases will be retained and restored, and where we can strip things back and enhance the original fabric we will. There will be some more changes to the courtroom to make it into a usable space, but these will maintain the character of the space.

To the rear

There have been a lot of interventions to the rear of the building over the years. We want to strip away a lot of these rather ugly additions and restore the building to its former glory. As it opens on to what will be both the playground and an outdoor learning area it is important that the children have a pleasant environment to be in but also that we do
our best to refurbish the original building as best we can.

The one-time stable block at the back of the property will become classrooms for our 5th and 6th year children and this building, all part ofmthe overall listed structures, will also be fully restored and repurposed.

Heritage Assessment

We have worked closely with the Council’s Conservation Officer and Historic England to ensure that the historic fabric and important heritage features are respected, retained and restored. A thorough and fully updated assessment of the listed building was conducted earlier this year and signed off by Historic England.

A new home for Abacus Belsize Primary